Social Network Analysis for Computer Scientists

Graduate course, Leiden University, 2020

A student assistant is a Master student who assists the lecturer of a course. This is a paid position. As a student assistant, my responsibilities included:

  • Assisting students during the work groups, helping them understand the material.
  • Assisting students with their project coding, project planning, experimental design, and project execution.
  • Grading homework and student projects.

An assistant lecturer is a PhD student who assists the lecturer of a course and has responsibilities that go beyond what is typically expected of a PhD student or other teaching assistant. As an assistant lecturer in this seminar-based course I was responsible for running and chairing a seminar for 25–35 students. In each lecture, two teams of two students presented their projects. Other responsibilities included:

  • Helping the students understand a scientific paper.
  • Assisting them in designing a research project based on that paper, coaching them to clearly communicate their work in the forms of a presentation and a scientific project paper, and finally grading all the results.
  • (Coordinating the) grading of the homework assignments and coordinating the teaching assistants and student assistants.
  • Assisting students during the work groups, helping the students with coding, maths, experimentation, code reviews and paper reviews.